Heavy Red Oxide Primer (hematite oxide) | RO-350 | 12-12 oz cans per case | Covers up to 40 SF Matches Hot Dip


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Heavy Red Oxide Primer RO-350, Complete rust & anti-corrosion control with hematite oxide.

Our RO-350™ is formulated as a high performance, fast air-dry phenolic-modified alkyd resin primer. Developed to provide exceptional protection against rust on metal surfaces as a first step primer prior to top coating. RO-350 utilizes a pigment of heavy hematite oxide as a anti corrosive barrier to virtually block 99% of damaging ultra violet rays. No primer works better than our RO-350™ Heavy Red Oxide in holding back and reforming rust. RO-350™ is the first step in rust proofing any surface that has been compromised by rust.

Directions for use:

Prepare the rusted surface by first removing any loose rust with a wire brush, sanding, or blasting. Rinse surface with water and allow to dry before priming with RO-350. Apply RO-350 by hand with a rag, brush, roller, or sprayer. Allow to dry 15 minutes before application of topcoat. RO-350 is fully dry and cured after 24-48 hours.

Performance Data & Technical:

Dust Free/ Tack Free (@ 0.5-1.0 mil): 10-15 minutes/ 20-40 minutes dry time
Top Coat Application; After 15 minutes or longer
Pencil Hardness, per ASTM-D3363: 2B-B after 48 hours
Color: Dark Red
Gloss: Generally, <10GU Gloss Units
Net Weight Per case of 12, 12 oz. aerosol cans 13 lbs
Coverage 50-60 SF @ 1 mil
Cross Hatch Adhesion, Per ASTM D3359: 5B (100%) after 48 hours to most metal surfaces (including treated and untreated steel).
Flammability: Extremely Flammable
Application Temperature, Minimum 60 F; Maximum 85 F

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