Galv-Pro™ was founded in 1992 by Ed Brink its founder.

Ed came from within the industry that provided Cold Galvanizing paints. He quickly realized something was missing, “we sold zinc alternatives for cold galvanizing but that was it. Service and project help was non-existent but very much needed. Customers were searching for more cost effective options to hot dip but all that was available were small companies offering only paint options. He learned quickly that the message for the most effective alternative to hot dip galvanizing wasn’t being told or supported. In 2007 Ed’s son Peter joined Ed as a technical advisor to assist our customers with help regarding their cold galvanizing projects. Cost effectiveness and longevity of these products depended on many other conditions other than just a cold galvanizing paint. He researched and interviewed and meet with several Hot Dip Galvanizers joined the AGA, AFA, ASTM, SSPC, and NACE seeking a better way to apply a cold galvanizing coating. He knew there had to be a better method that was cost effective and didn’t require shipping materials to hot dip Galvanizers. He also learned what made hot dip galvanizing so effective, it wasn’t just the molten zinc coating, but rather the careful preparation of the metal before it was coated. From his 10 + years of research the missing link with cold galvanizing was in the proper surface preparation in order to receive long lasting results.

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With a passion towards cost savings and high quality methods Ed developed the GalvPro™ Cold Galvanizing process.

With the GalvPro™ process our customers receive the necessary information, methods, products and education to prepare a surface for the longest lasting alternative to HDG. If applied correctly Cold Galvanizing can achieve a coating life of up to 50 years at a cost savings of up to 2/3’s of the cost of hot dip galvanizing.
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Cutting and welding on-site leaves unprotected metal surfaces that, if gone untreated, will rust and corrode, compromising the integrity of the entire project. Galv-Pro™ cold galvanizing products are specially-formulated to provide the same type of protection that you get from original hot-dip galvanizing. With Galv-Pro™, you can choose the type and application that best suits your needs.